R.Tape AT65 Clear Tape Roll (Medium-Tack)

The most popular tape brand there is!

R.Tape AT65 Medium Tack Transfer Tape in a 12in wide by 30 feet long (10 yards) roll.  A more affordable smaller size for those that don't need a full size bulk roll.

We do offer slitting of your 12in roll into one of 14 options for a fee of $5 for the first cut and $1 each additional cut. You may select your size using the drop down below. 

Multiple of this product MAY be shipped as one larger roll up to a max of 5 (150ft total) but this is not guaranteed, it depends on stock levels of cut and uncut material.

This is a completely CLEAR tape with no backing and no gridlines.

These are slit from 48in wide logs and because of that there is some degree of error tolerance in the widths.  Our spec is +/- 1/4in which means your roll's actual width will be between 11-3/4in and 12-1/4in.  The tolerance on the length is controlled by the factory but should be +/- 1ft.


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  • $14.99

Clear Choice® AT65 is an ultra-clear, medium tack film application tape that provides exceptional performance and versatility for the widest range of sign applications. AT65 is the tape you will want to keep on hand. It's medium tack adhesive system is especially well suited for transferring small, high detail cut graphics and intermediate calendared vinyl films with tight liner release. AT65's exceptionally clear film facestock allows for precise registration of multiple color overlays, while the rigid polypropylene film minimizes stretching for precise alignment of graphics.


Medium tack adhesive
Easy unwind
Exceptional lay flat characteristics
Resists tunneling and curling


Universal performance for wide range of applications
Extended shelf life even after lamination
No milky residue when used for wet applications


Small, high detail cut graphics
Vinyl films with tight release
Multiple color graphic overlays

    • Product Size
      12in x 30ft
    • Weight
      16.3 oz
    • SKU
  • Roll Width Options
    (1) 12in roll, (1) 9in roll & (1) 3in roll, (1) 8in roll & (1) 4in roll, (1) 8in roll & (2) 2in rolls, (2) 6in rolls, (1) 6in roll, (1) 4in roll, & (1) 2in roll, (1) 6in roll & (2) 3in rolls, (1) 6in roll & (3) 2in rolls, (3) 4in rolls, (2) 4in rolls & (2) 2in rolls, (1) 4in roll, (2) 3in rolls, & (1) 2in roll, (1) 4in roll & (4) 2in rolls, (4) 3in rolls, (2) 3in rolls & (3) 2in rolls, (6) 2in rolls