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  • StyleTech Opal All Color Pack

    This complete pack comes with (1) 12in x 12in sheet of all 9 currently manufactured colors of Tape Technologies StyleTech Opal permanent adhesive vinyl.

    Only 100% genuine Tape Technologies vinyl is used. All sheets are +/- 0.25in

    OP13 Orange Added 7/12/2018
    OP14 Bright Green Added 9/14/18
    OP15 Gold Added 1/31/2020

    Product Size: (9) 12in x 12in Sheets
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  • StyleTech Opal Ring

    A custom made sample ring of 2-1/2 by 3-1/2 samples of all 9 colors of StyleTech Opal vinyl.

    All Color RINGS are made here at The Vinyl Spectrum by hand and are labelled on the back-side of the samples with the COLOR CODE, NAME, BRAND and SERIES.  Some of them include exclusive colors that the guides and fans do not, such as the Siser EasyWeed Ring.

    Product Size: Ring
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