StyleTech Ultra Ring

A custom made sample ring of all 28 colors of StyleTech Ultra Metallic glitter vinyl (updated July 1, 2017)

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  • $5.99

A custom made sample ring of 2-1/2 by 3-1/2 samples of all 26 colors of StyleTech Ultra Metallic glitter vinyl.

All Color RINGS are made here at The Vinyl Spectrum by hand and are labelled on the back-side of the samples with the COLOR CODE, NAME, BRAND and SERIES.

NOTE: Additional colors may be added in the future if new colors are produced.  You will be able to purchase individual new colors (or existing ones if you need a replacement) for a small charge using the drop-down option box.

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      3 oz
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  • Color Options
    Full Ring (28 Colors), UL26 Silver, UL27 Gold, UL28 Black, UL29 Red, UL30 Blue, UL31 Green, UL32 Mint (Teal), UL133 Melon (Raspberry), UL42 Purple, UL43 Light Blue, UL44 Dark Gray, UL45 Cinnamon (Brown), UL46 Dark Red, UL47 Dark Amethyst, UL48 Orange, UL49 White, UL50 Coral (Added 8/24/15), UL60 Sea Foam (Added 11/9/15), UL61 Fluorescent Pink (Added 10/28/15), UL62 Fluorescent Green (Added 10/28/15), UL63 Fluorescent Blue (Added 10/28/15), UL64 Fluorescent Red (Orange) (Added 2/9/16), UL65 Lime Tree Green (Added 6/29/16), UL66 Tiff Blue (Added 3/30/16), UL67 Champagne (Added 4/10/17), UL68 Rosy Gold (Added 7/1/17), UL74 Yellow (Added 11/3/20), UL76 Emerald Green (Added 11/3/20)