12in x 59in Rolls

Note: If you are considering purchasing a large amount of one color (6 or more rolls), please note we also have 30ft rolls available in limited colors. And for 3+ rolls it is actually cheaper in the pre-cut sheets due to volume pricing.

The products in this category are sold as individual rolls.  They are 12in by 59in with a +/- tolerance of 1/4in (width) and 1in (length).  Note: The EasyWeed Electric colors are slightly shorter rolls as the manufacturer has changed the process by which they are made, most should be 58in (Lens colors are 57in) with the same tolerances.  Rolls purchased from this category will usually come as individual rolls unless ordering 6 or more in which we MAY OPTIONALLY chose to substitute a 30ft roll based on stock levels and shipping logistics.  There are other sizes available one category up.

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