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EasyWeed Stretch is a very thin, very flexible film, and with this said it is very particular about its pressing settings, including temp, time and most importantly pressure. With this said, there have been some people having difficulty over the past couple of months with EasyWeed Stretch not staying adhered as well as it has in the past. We have talked to Siser about this a few times and also done some testing on our own and have come up with a solution that should help. We are now recommending EasyWeed Stretch to be applied at 320 degrees for 20 seconds (instead of 305 for 15 seconds). This bit of additional temp and time seems to make the difference in getting a quality result from the product and should lessen your issues with it. 

As always if you have trouble working with any product please do not hesitate to reach out to us (email works best) or Siser themselves. We are an authorized distributor and because of that when you purchase from TVS you gain both the support of TVS and of Siser NA.

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  • Siser Stretch Ring

    A custom made sample ring of all 39 colors of Siser EasyWeed Stretch heat transfer vinyl (updated June 9, 2020)

    Product Size: Ring
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  • Stretch All Color Pack

    This complete pack comes with all 40 colors of Siser EasyWeed Stretch.

    Only 100% genuine Siser Stretch heat transfer vinyl is used. All sheets are +/- 0.25in

    Updated on 1/14/20 with the addition of ST21 Lemon, ST22 Gray, ST32 Celestial Blue and ST83 Frosty Mint.

    Updated on 2/4/20 with the addition of ST11 Coffee, ST14 Burgundy, ST15 Royal Purple, ST37 Wisteria and ST63 Bright Orchid.

    Updated on 2/11/20 with the addition of ST31 Cobalt, ST60 Totally Teal and ST61 Pale Blue.

    Updated on 6/9/20 with the addition of ST24 Pine Green. 

    Product Size: (40) 12in x 14.75in Sheets
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    • $89.99
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