Siser Specialized Ring

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A custom made sample ring of 2-1/2 by 3-1/2 samples of all available samples of the following product series: 

Siser BlackBoard (1 color)
Siser Brick 600 (7 colors)
Siser Easy Reflective (1 color)
Siser EasyWeed Extra (11 colors)
Siser EasyWeed Sub Block (2 colors)
Siser Metal (8 colors)

All Color RINGS are made here at The Vinyl Spectrum by hand and are labelled on the back-side of the samples with the COLOR CODE, NAME, BRAND and SERIES.  Some of them include exclusive colors that the guides and fans do not, such as the Siser EasyWeed Ring.

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    Full Ring (31 Colors), BB02 BlackBoard, BR01 White Brick, BR02 Black Brick, BR03 Royal Brick, BR04 Navy Brick, BR05 Red Brick, BR06 Yellow Brick, BR07 Green Brick, ER13 Silver Easy Reflective, XT01 White EasyWeed Extra, XT02 Black EasyWeed Extra, XT03 Royal EasyWeed Extra, XT04 Navy EasyWeed Extra, XT05 Red EasyWeed Extra, XT08 Orange EasyWeed Extra, XT13 Silver EasyWeed Extra, XT15 Purple EasyWeed Extra, XT22 Gray EasyWeed Extra, XT28 Sun Yellow EasyWeed Extra, XT70 Vegas Gold EasyWeed Extra, SB01 White EasyWeed Sub Block, SB06 Barcelona Yellow Sub Block, MT04 Blue (Added 6/9/2020), MT05 Red (Added 6/9/2020), MT10 Silver Blue (Added 6/9/2020), MT12 Gold Metal, MT13 Silver Metal, MT15 Purple (Added 1/29/2019), MT19 Tiger Lily (Added 1/29/2019), MT42 Bronze (Added 1/29/2019), MT44 Golden Rose Metal (Added 10/1/2020)