R.Tape AT75 Clear Tape Roll (High-Tack)

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R.Tape AT75 Embossed High Tack Transfer Tape in a 12" wide by 30 feet long (10 yards) roll. A more affordable smaller size for those that don't need a full size bulk roll.

Multiple of this product MAY be shipped as one larger roll up to a max of 5 (150ft total) but this is not guaranteed, it depends on stock levels of cut and uncut material.

This is a completely CLEAR tape with no backing and no gridlines.

These are slit from 48" wide logs and because of that there is some degree of error tolerance in the widths.  Our spec is +/- 1/4" which means your roll's actual width will be between 11-3/4" and 12-1/4".  The tolerance on the length is controlled by the factory but should be +/- 1ft.


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Clear Choice® AT75 is an ultra-clear, embossed high tack film application. AT75 is the ideal solution for the professional sign makers most challenging applications. The combination of a high tack, easy handling adhesive and embossed micro channels make it a top performer at every state of the project. Designed specifically for highly textured films, thermal die-cuts and films with a tight release liner, AT75 can help reduce stress and increase profit.


High tack adhesive
Air egress micro tunnels
Easy handling and removal
Exceptional lay flat and clarity
Low adhesion growth


Ideal for difficult to transfer films
Bubble free lamination
Resists tunneling and edge curl
Longer shelf life for ready to apply graphics


Textured and matte finish vinyl films
Fine lettering
Textured wrap, window and wall films
Thermal die-cuts

    • Product Size
      12in x 30ft
    • Weight
      16.3 oz
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  • Roll Width Options
    (1) 12in roll, (1) 9in roll & (1) 3in roll, (1) 8in roll & (1) 4in roll, (1) 8in roll & (2) 2in rolls, (2) 6in rolls, (1) 6in roll, (1) 4in roll, & (1) 2in roll, (1) 6in roll & (2) 3in rolls, (1) 6in roll & (3) 2in rolls, (3) 4in rolls, (2) 4in rolls & (2) 2in rolls, (1) 4in roll, (2) 3in rolls, & (1) 2in roll, (1) 4in roll & (4) 2in rolls, (4) 3in rolls, (2) 3in rolls & (3) 2in rolls, (6) 2in rolls