OraJet Printed Matte Vinyl

Prints are READY TO SHIP and stocked every weekday.  If an item below is out of stock it most likely will be restocked within the next 24 hours (weekends excluded).  If after this period of time we still don't have the stock level you are looking for on an item, then please use the contact us form at the top of the website to let us know EXACTLY what you are looking for.

Any new colors or prints are added on WEDNESDAYS each week (that doesn't mean there will always be new items added every week but anything added always happens on Wednesdays).  New colors and prints will typically be added for each "holiday" throughout 2019.  We do NOT do custom prints or colors at this time, please do not contact us with requests to do so.

Please note that all printed vinyl (including HTV) should be cut print side UP and all printed HTV will require some kind of transfer mask (like TTD Easy Mask) to transfer your weeded design to your garment for pressing.  We do not include it automatically but it is available for purchase.