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The reason you are here is because you are looking for adhesive glitter vinyl right?  We get TONS of requests for this every day and wanted to clear up a little mis-understanding that is out there.

Oracal which is a product brand made by the company Orafol Americas does not make adhesive glitter vinyl.  That's right, it does NOT EXIST.  There is no such thing as "Glitter 651".

However....  that does not mean that other companies do not make it... and in fact one of those companies happens to be Tape Technologies, a Florida based company who makes the StyleTech brand of products.  We are one of their 2 national distributors and have carried their products since 2015.

The StyleTech brand offers StyleTech Ultra Metallic glitter vinyl in 26 colors... including a rose gold, tiffany blue, coral, white, black, silver, gold and tons more popular colors.  And on top of that we also have the new StyleTech FX Metallic glitter vinyl in 11 more colors... these have holographic multi-colored flakes!  Both of these products are available in 12x12 sheets, 12x24 sheets and 10ft rolls.

This product is a permanent outdoor grade solvent based adhesive vinyl.  It is a cast product with a 5-8  year lifespan outdoors if properly installed.  A few of the brighter colors are going to be a tad shorter due to more of a tend to fade.

The StyleTech permanent adhesive glitter vinyls are some of our most popular products and get fantastic reviews from almost everyone that tries it (do note you will have to make minor adjustments to your cut settings the first time until you find the best setup for your exact cutting machine) and we would highly encourage you to give it a try.

And now you know all there is to know about "Oracal Glitter Vinyl"

Here is a link directly to the StyleTech Ultra - LINK

And here is one to the new StyleTech FX - LINK

Thank you!


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