Transfer Tape for Adhesive Vinyl

Adhesive vinyl requires transfer tape. Heat Transfer vinyl does not. Selecting the right transfer tape is largely based on personal preference, and we always recommend trying a few 30ft rolls before purchasing the 300ft rolls. Transfer tape can also vary based on temperature and humidity. These factors may cause it to stick or lift differently, so we always suggest having several different types on hand. There is no way we can recommend an absolute best transfer tape, as everyone's preferences are different. 

R.Tape AT60 is a LOW-TACK transfer tape. It is designed for applications where you find AT65 to be too sticky, like when sticking vinyl to paper, etc. It is clear so you can see your vinyl through it for help lining it up. 

R.Tape AT65 is a medium tack transfer tape. It is the most popular transfer tape, and designed for glossy vinyl types. It is perfect for application on vehicles, etc. It is also clear, so you can see your vinyl design.

R.Tape AT75 is a textured, HIGH-TACK transfer tape. The air-release channels in the tape give it it's texture. It is designed for matte finish vinyl, and is also clear, so you can see your design through it. AT75 is commonly used for applying Oracal 631 to drywall. 

TransferRite Blue Grid is a MEDIUM-TACK transfer tape. It is a clear tape, with approximately 1 inch blue grid lines throughout. This assists in aligning your design. The Blue Grid is approximately the same tack level as the R.Tape AT65. 

Most of the transfer tape we sell does not come on a backing, however, we do have two different kinds that do. 

TransferRite Clear 1310 (medium-tack, no grid lines, similar to AT65) comes on a wax paper backing, which some people prefer. 

Again, we recommend trying a few different transfer tapes to find the best one to suit your needs. 

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