Siser Stretch Ring

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A custom made sample ring of all 39 colors of Siser EasyWeed Stretch heat transfer vinyl (updated June 9, 2020)

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A custom made sample ring of 2-1/2 by 3-1/2 samples of all 39 colors of Siser EasyWeed Stretch heat transfer vinyl

All Color RINGS are made here at The Vinyl Spectrum by hand and are labelled on the back-side of the samples with the COLOR CODE, NAME, BRAND and SERIES.

NOTE: Additional colors may be added in the future if new colors are produced.  You will be able to purchase individual new colors (or existing ones if you need a replacement) for a small charge using the drop-down option box.

The following colors are included in the ring:

ST01 White
ST02 Black
ST03 Royal Blue
ST04 Navy Blue
ST05 Red
ST06 Yellow
ST07 Green
ST08 Orange
ST11 Coffee (Added 2/4/20)
ST12 Gold
ST13 Silver
ST14 Burgundy (Added 2/4/20)
ST15 Royal Purple (Added 2/4/20)
ST21 Lemon (Added 1/14/20)
ST22 Gray (Added 1/14/20)
ST28 Sun Yellow
ST31 Cobalt (Added 2/11/20)
ST32 Celestial Blue (Added 1/14/20)
ST37 Wisteria (Added 2/4/20)
ST44 Rose Gold (Added 8/28/17)
ST55 Bright Red
ST60 Totally Teal (Added 2/11/20)
ST61 Pale Blue (Added 2/11/17)
ST62 Lilac (Added 2/7/17)
ST63 Bright Orchid (Added 2/4/20)
ST70 Dark Gold (Added 9/10/19)
ST76 Chocolate (Added 12/12/18)
ST77 Vanilla (Added 12/12/18)
ST79 Bubble Gum (Added 12/12/18)
ST80 Charcoal (Added 12/12/18)
ST83 Frosty Mint (Added 1/14/20)
ST85 Calypso Coral (Added 9/10/19)
ST86 Passion Pink (Added 2/7/17)
ST87 Coral (Added 2/7/17)
ST88 Sea Glass (Added 2/7/17)
ST89 Sweet Mint (Added 2/7/17)
ST90 Purple Berry (Added 2/7/17)
ST91 Ballerina Pink (Added 2/7/17)
ST92 Chestnut (Added 2/7/17)

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      4 oz
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    Full Ring (39 Colors), ST01 White, ST02 Black, ST03 Royal Blue, ST04 Navy Blue, ST05 Red, ST06 Yellow, ST07 Green, ST08 Orange, ST11 Coffee (Added 2/4/20), ST12 Gold, ST13 Silver, ST14 Burgundy (Added 2/4/20), ST15 Royal Purple (Added 2/4/20), ST21 Lemon (Added 1/14/20), ST22 Gray (Added 1/14/20), ST24 Pine Green (Added 6/9/20), ST28 Sun Yellow, ST31 Cobalt (Added 2/11/20), ST32 Celestial Blue (Added 1/14/20), ST37 Wisteria (Added 2/4/20), ST44 Rose Gold (Added 8/28/17), ST55 Bright Red, ST60 Totally Teal (Added 2/11/20), ST61 Pale Blue (Added 2/11/20), ST62 Lilac (Added 2/7/17), ST63 Bright Orchid (Added 2/4/20), ST70 Dark Gold (Added 9/10/19), ST76 Chocolate (Added 12/12/18), ST77 Vanilla (Added 12/12/18), ST79 Bubble Gum (Added 12/12/18), ST80 Charcoal (Added 12/12/18), ST83 Frosty Mint (Added 1/14/20), ST85 Calypso Coral (Added 9/10/19), ST86 Passion Pink (Added 2/7/17), ST87 Coral (Added 2/7/17), ST88 Sea Glass (Added 2/7/17), ST89 Sweet Mint (Added 2/7/17), ST90 Purple Berry (Added 2/7/17), ST91 Ballerina Pink (Added 2/7/17), ST92 Chestnut (Added 2/7/17)