What is CLUB HTV?

CLUB HTV is a new monthly subscription club where you automatically receive a package of heat transfer vinyl delivered to your door every month.

What does each shipment contain?

Each shipment contains ten (10) sheets of 12"x15" Siser EasyWeed Heat Transfer Vinyl. The 10 sheets are 4 to 7 different colors (typically 5) depending on the pack and are always rolled loose into a 2mil thick plastic bag, labelled and put into a 12"x3"x3" BOX and sent to your home or business.

What are the different packs that are sent out?

  • New Year's Pack (sent out 11/15)
    (2) 5001 White, (2) 5002 Black, (2) 5012 Gold, (2) 5013 Silver, (2) 5070 Vegas Gold
  • Valentine's Pack (sent out 12/15)
    (2) 5001 White, (2) 5009 Pink, (2) 5055 Bright Red, (2) 5065 Light Pink, (2) 5079 Bubble Gum Pink
  • St. Patrick's Pack (sent out 1/15)
    (2) 5006 Green , (2) 5012 Gold, (2) 5021 Lemon Yellow, (2) 5028 Sun Yellow, (2) 5064 Green Apple
  • Easter Pack (sent out 2/15)
    (2) 5029 Cream, (2) 5061 Pale Blue, (2) 5062 Lilac, (2) 5065 Light Pink, (2) 5095 Mint
  • Tropical Pack (sent out 3/15)
    (2) 5021 Lemon Yellow, (2) 5063 Hibiscus, (2) 5078 Lime, (2) 5090 Grape, (2) 5099 Coral
  • Ocean Pack (sent out 4/15)
    (2) 5022 Gray, (2) 5083 Powder Blue, (2) 5093 Jade, (2) 5094 Teal, (2) 5096 Tiffany
  • Independence Pack (sent out 5/15)
    (2) 5003 Royal, (2) 5004 Navy, (2) 5005 Red, (2) 5013 Silver, (2) 5055 Bright Red
  • Regal Pack (sent out 6/15)
    (2) 5010 Sky Blue, (2) 5022 Gray, (2) 5027 Turquoise, (2) 5072 Maroon, (2) 5015 Purple
  • Primary Pack (sent out 7/15)
    (2) 5001 White, (2) 5003 Royal, (2) 5005 Red, (2) 5006 Green, (2) 5007 Yellow
  • Halloween Pack (sent out 8/15)
    (2) 5002 Black, (2) 5006 Green, (2) 5008 Orange, (2) 5015 Purple, (2) 5080 Charcoal
  • Thanksgiving Pack (sent out 9/15)
    (2) 5011 Brown, (2) 5073 Dark Maroon, (2) 5074 Texas Orange, (2) 5076 Chocolate, (2) 5082 Tan
  • Christmas Pack (sent out 10/15)
    (2) 5001 White, (2) 5005 Red, (2) 5006 Green, (2) 5024 Dark Green, (2) 5071 Cardinal

Why are they shipped out so long before each holiday?

Most of our club members sell items they create and so the club was designed to give adequate time to both create the items and also to market and sell them before the holiday.

How much does CLUB HTV cost?

You can sign up for the club with monthly payments of $40 USD or with annual payments of $400. These prices include FREE SHIPPING on your monthly club orders as well (NOT REGULAR WEBSITE ORDERS). In addition you will receive a 10% discount (up to a $20 savings per order) off all other orders placed through our website.  Regular website orders over $100 up to 10 pounds will also receive free shipping.

When will I be charged?

Our subscription program is currently managed by PayPal and each payment is drafted from your account on the monthly anniversary of the date you sign up. This means if you sign up for monthly payments on the 24th of July, your next payment would take place on approximately August 24th. If you sign up for annual payments, your next payment would take place on approximately July 24th, 2016.

Can I pay for the subscription without a PayPal account?

The answer to this is currently no.  We had a plan in place to do club subscriptions via credit/debit card but it does not work properly and we had to abandon it.  Perhaps in the future it will be improved and be something we can offer.

What is the cutoff date to receive a shipment?

Under the current system any payments received from the 15th through the 5th of each month will be towards the next shipment. For example if you join on July 23rd or August 1st, your first shipment would be in August. If you join the club on August 15th through September 5th, your first shipment would be in September.

When will I receive the shipments?

All shipments are sent out on the 15th of every month. If the 15th of the month is on a holiday or a Sunday, the shipment will go out on the previous day (meaning one day EARLY). NOTE: If the 15th of the month happens to be on a day that there is no mail service, the shipment may be delayed until mail service is restored. All club shipments are sent out USPS First-Class Mail Parcel. This shipping method has an estimated delivery time of 2 to 5 mailing days. This means that under normal conditions most club members will receive their packages between the 17th and the 20th of the month. Under the current system shipping notifications and tracking are not provided automatically for club shipments, but if you do not receive a shipment by the end of the 20th day of the month, PLEASE contact me via EMAIL at so that we can track your package and figure out what the delay is. Please understand that we are not responsible for shipping delays but will work with you to correct any shipping issues that arise. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT ALL CLUB SHIPMENTS WILL BE SENT TO THE ADDRESS YOU SELECTED WITH YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT WHEN YOU SIGNED UP UNTIL OTHERWISE CHANGED. (Please make sure there are no errors in your address there BEFORE signing up for the Club)

Can I add product to my subscription shipments?

No, the club packs are assembled in bulk and the boxes are sealed before being assigned a shipping label and thus becoming your box. The club packs are also designed to maximize the value of First-Class shipping and adding any additional product would cause the shipping to increase dramatically which would further complicate the processing of the shipment.

Can I skip a pack?

We do not offer this option, but you can cancel your subscription at any time and rejoin us later when it is more convenient for you.

Can I return a pack?

Yes, you can mail back a package to us so long as it is in a new-unused condition still in its labelled bag. Return shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser and it must arrive to us in undamaged condition (so you need to put it back in its box, not a bubble mailer for example). All returned packs will be refunded less the cost we paid to ship the box out to you (if there is a pack that a lot of people are unhappy with, we will consider changing it in the future).

Who can join the club?

CLUB HTV is for all residents of the United States (you must be at least 13 years old to use this website) that have a valid PayPal account and are mentally and physically capable of signing up for the club through this website with their own funds or permission to use the funds of a parent or guardian. You must have a valid US shipping address (APO/FPO is fine!) on file with your PayPal account that is capable of receiving 13"x4"x4" shipping size packages weighing 13oz through the United States Postal Service via First-Class Mail Parcel shipping.

How do I sign up for the club?

WHEN THE CLUB IS OPEN FOR SIGNUPS, there is a subscription link at the bottom of this page. You can select to pay monthly or annually (which is discounted from the monthly rate) via the dropdown box next to the subscribe button. Once on PayPal's website you simply follow their instructions and complete your payment.

How do I receive my discount for future purchases?

Once we receive an electronic notification that you have paid for the subscription your discount will be applied to your account (must be the same email address as your paypal subscription comes from) on our website within 48 hours excluding holidays (typically within 24 hours). If you do not have an account already on file on our website, one will be created for you with the discount built in and you will be notified of its creation via email and required to set a new password the first time you log in with it. YOU HAVE TO BE LOGGED IN TO GET YOUR DISCOUNT.  NO DISCOUNTS WILL BE GIVEN RETROACTIVELY FOR PEOPLE THAT PLACE ORDERS ANONYMOUSLY OR WITHOUT WAITING 48 HOURS FOR US TO PROCESS THEIR CLUB MEMBERSHIP.

Do I need to type in a coupon code during checkout?

No. The discount is automatically applied to your account. Your discount will show up during the checkout process. If for any reason you have issues making payment with your account, simply select the INVOICE ME payment method and the order details will be submitted to us without payment. We will then review the order and send you a corrected invoice that you will be able to make payment to with Paypal or Credit/Debit card.